Technology-Based Early Language Comprehension Intervention (TeLCI)

TeLCI is a Tier II (MTSS framework) intervention tool for students in Grades 1-2 with comprehension difficulties (those scoring at or below 25th percentile in language and reading comprehension measures). TeLCI is designed to improve reading comprehension by developing inference making across a suggested 8-week period.

TeLCI is unique because it does not rely on decoding skills. It includes a series of video-based lessons delivered via an interactive, cloud-based software application and scripted book read-alouds.

In TeLCI, Grade 1-2 students:

  • View age-appropriate videos (24 nonfiction)
  • Learn key academic vocabulary words
  • Respond (by touch screen selections) to inferential questions with scaffolding or feedback
  • Receive small-group read aloud (training in listening comprehension) lessons