Technology-Based Early Language Comprehension Intervention (TeLCI)

TeLCI is an intervention tool for students identified with comprehension difficulties. TeLCI provides Tier II instruction designed to improve reading comprehension by developing inference making for struggling readers in Grades 1-2, across an 8-week period. We identify struggling comprehenders as those students who score at or below the 25th percentile in both language and reading comprehension measures. TeLCI does not rely on decoding skills. It includes a series of lessons delivered via an interactive, cloud-based software application and scripted book read-alouds.

Specifically, in TeLCI students:

  • View age-appropriate videos (12 fiction and 12 nonfiction)
  • Learn key academic vocabulary words
  • Respond (by touch screen selections) to inferential questions
  • Receive scaffolding or feedback that builds upon each question
  • Receive small-group read aloud (training in listening comprehension) lessons