Inference Galaxy evolved as a partnership of U of M researchers and local school Districts and teachers focused on developing interactive and innovative resources (assessments, interventions, progress monitoring, professional learning) within a MTSS framework to supplant and inform traditional instruction. Primary audiences include classroom teachers; secondary audiences include school administrators and parents.

The TeLCI/ELCII Projects are conducted in collaboration with kindergarten – second grade teachers and staff at the Richfield STEM School , Centennial Elementary and Sheridan Hills Elementary. Current (Rachel Gens) and former (Tia Classen) Directors of Literacy have partnered with us by overseeing and facilitating school implementation.

The Personalized Learning System project’s goals align well with Richfield Public Schools’ district commitment to help each and every student read well by third grade. The district is committed to strengthening student learning across the school day through research-based literacy strategies and uses student data to help teachers plan strong instruction based on identified student needs and strengths.

Additional School District Partnerships include:

Nova Classical Academy