About Inference Galaxy

Inference Galaxy initially evolved as a partnership between researchers at the University of Minnesota and local school districts. IG is an interactive and innovative resource that supports student reading comprehension within a Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) framework.

Inference Galaxy includes MIA, ELCII, and TeLCI--designed to assess and support K-2 students’ inference-making skills in a non-reading context. MIA, ELCII, and TeLCI draw on the Science of Reading as well as major research findings from our team highlighting the following:

  • Inferencing is a cornerstone of reading comprehension.
  • Language comprehension skills--including inferencing--developed in non-reading contexts (e.g., watching videos) contribute significantly to later reading achievement.
  • Language comprehension skills--particularly inferencing--transfer across different media.
  • Children’s inference-making can be improved using questioning that includes scaffolding and specific feedback.
  • Technology provides a cost-effective, standardized, individualized delivery of instructional tools in classroom settings.
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Inference Galaxy may be a useful supplemental resource to you and your students if you want to:

  • Assess your K-2 students’ inference-making skills for teaching purposes.
  • Teach your K-2 students to practice inference-making in a non-reading (video) context.

If you are interested in using Inference Galaxy, click here for more information about how to access it.