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Last Updated: February 2022

Team Description:

CEHD X Team is a team from the College of Education and Human development (CEHD) at the University of Minnesota (UMN). The team is led by:

Ryan Warren, Innovation and Partnership Officer in CEHD, who has extensive experience and expertise in financial operations and entrepreneurial efforts, leadership in developing technical products and platforms, and experience establishing innovative solutions within higher education organizations.

Members of the team include:

John Behr, Chief Technology Officer at CEHD's Educational Technology Innovations (ETI), with extensive experience in providing successful architecture, management, and implementation of large-scale enterprise IT projects.

Frank Symons, Associate Dean for Research and Policy at CEHD and Distinguished McKnight University Professor who has extensive research experience in various settings and directs a large network of research groups, clinical sites, labs, and centers.

Kim Gibbons, researcher and Director of the Center for Applied Research and Educational Improvement (CAREI), a research center that serves as the link between research and practice in Minnesota schools PreK-16 and other agencies interested in applied educational research.

Bodong Chen, Associate Professor and co-director of the CEHD Learning Informatics Lab (LIL), an expert on technology development and learning analytics.

Panayiota (Pani) Kendeou, co-director of CEHD LIL and Distinguished McKnight University Professor, with expertise in reading comprehension, particularly with respect to translating cognitive theory into practice.

Kristen McMaster, Professor and the Stern Family Professor of Reading Success, with expertise in reading comprehension, particularly with respect to school-based interventions.

Our XPrize Team Expertise:

Our team is unique in that it combines expertise in research, technology development, entrepreneurialism, learning analytics, and academic learning in K-12 with established networks, partnerships, and experiences in these areas within CEHD at the UMN as well as nationally. Together, we connect our state-of-the-art technical development to the deep discipline knowledge and research expertise to design and build modern software environments that are broadly disseminated, specifically across K12 classrooms.

We aspire to provide educational researchers with a flexible and robust digital learning system (CEHDx) that will allow them to implement and evaluate substantive academic interventions that are web-based in authentic K-12 educational settings. The development and test of such interventions is particularly important at a time where students need both individualized instruction as well as ample opportunities to practice core skills and receive in-time feedback (e.g., literacy) - individualized instruction and feedback that is difficult to be provided by a classroom teacher.